Finally a systematic framework of movement assessment built specifically for fitness coaches



    Jeff JuchaDr. Jason MartinezJay Lawson
  • My husband and I own CrossFit 1607 in Williamsburg, VA. As box owners, we have noticed that one of the biggest challenges our members face is limited mobility. We have been searching for a mobility assessment that not only provides a quick and thorough assessment of each athlete, but also provides corrective exercises to help improve each athlete's area of weakness. We found our ideal system with WOD Medic. Ryan's training was invaluable! Our coaches learned not only how to perform the assessments, but also how to help each athlete improve their specific mobility weaknesses. Ryan was engaging and thorough. The WOD Medic training was a game changer for us. We are thrilled to be able to offer our athletes a proven way to improve their mobility and ultimately their performance both in and out of the gym. I highly recommend Ryan and the WOD Medic training!
    Michelle Midnight
    CrossFit 1607
  • Being involved in CrossFit for 6 years, training, coaching and now as a gym owner, I thought I knew what mobility was. I have dedicated immense amounts of time to soft tissue work, banded mobilizations and focused stretching to help ease the aches and pains of daily workouts with very little return. Ryan’s WODMedic course took everything I thought I knew and believed I was doing right and turned it on its head. Not only was I barely scratching the surface of actually resolving mobility issues, but I was doing nothing to achieve lasting results. The WODMedic Course solves all that with clear assessments and step by step paths to improvement. Ryan is an authority on the subject matter, makes the learning process fun and is not selling smoke and mirrors. No stretch of the day or mobility minute. He wants to empower his students to educate themselves and make permanent change. I cannot recommend Ryan and his course enough. Can’t wait to have him back!
    Matthew Midnight
    CrossFit 1607
  • Highly recommend for anyone in an industry that involves human movement. This is a system that easily integrates into my business and staff training.
    Very Impressed!
    Jeff Jucha
    West Little Rock CrossFit
  • Extremely informative. Delivery is easy to understand and utilize with clients immediately. Answers the questions we all have when hitting road blocks with those tougher athletes. Recommend for not only CrossFit coaches, but commercial or private personal trainers as well.
    Dr. Jason Martinez
    NXT Level Chiropractic
  • I can't recommend attending this seminar highly enough. I learned so much that I wasn't aware of that will not only greatly improve my movement patterns, but will be equally as beneficial to my athletes. After year of CrossFit, I finally have something concrete to go by.
    Jay Lawson
    CrossFit Hot Springs


Get your athletes feeling better, moving better, and performing better, in lightning speed, with targeted 1 on 1 assessments and custom programming. Your athletes will be grateful for the added attention and expertise at your box.


Now that your coaches are fully equipped, they will be empowered to impact their athletes’ lives in a way never before possible, all while generating extra revenue through one on one assessments.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- R. Buckminster Fuller


We believe that the fitness coach, not the medical provider, has the biggest opportunity and responsibility for an athletes health and fitness journey.
We believe that the best coaches believe this wholeheartedly and therefore take their responsibility for their athletes health and fitness VERY seriously.
We believe that although coaches have great responsibility, they are currently technologically under equipped to serve their athletes at the level that they'd like.
We believe that movement quality deserves the same attention and respect as measures of performance, and therefore mobility assessments MUST be done.
We believe that getting athletes under load quickly is important, but that mobility restrictions must be identified and corrected even quicker.
We believe in a no BS approach to athlete education and intervention, and in using current science to guide our coaching education and athlete interventions.
We believe that often times trendiness in the health and fitness world, overtakes sound principles. We will not succumb to this, but rather serve as a beacon of truth.

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