WODMedic was born through an ethical calling to connect fitness athletes with the movement based medical providers best suited to facilitate their journey towards optimal health and fitness. Along the way, through many conversations with box owners, coaches, and medical providers, our mission took on a second role. The empowerment of the functional fitness coach. Realizing that it really was the fitness coach that had the biggest opportunity to impact athletes we set out to empower them by offering them better tools and better education.

It’s no secret that movement assessment and optimization plays a key role in the functional fitness model. Coaches repeatedly expressed to us a need for a better system and better tools. We set out to create an easy to perform assessment that is able to catch the more common mobility restrictions that would not improve without targeted intervention. We then created more sophisticated correctives, realizing that just stretching will miss a large percentage of restrictions. Through the combination of our two missions, WODMedic was born!

WODMedic Advisory Board / Contributors

The members of the WODMedic Advisory Board were chosen for their in depth knowledge of functional movement and the physical requirements of the sport of fitness. They have also demonstrated a dedication to the mastery of their craft, and are motivated purely by the love of the job.

Ryan Davis, DC / Founder and CEO

Founder, WODMedic

Ryan Davis, DC, is a non-surgical spine, rehabilitation, and performance specialist that blends techniques of Chiropractic, Functional Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, and Strength and Conditioning. His unique technique is based on a thorough understanding and assessment of human movement. Dr. Davis founded WODMedic as way to connect fitness athletes with the movement based medical providers that are best equipped to facilitate their journey to optimal fitness.

Dr. Davis has served as the Chiropractic Physician for multiple sports teams and has been lucky enough to work with CrossFit Games athletes, NFL, MLB, and minor league hockey athletes. His passion is facilitating the everyday athletes lifelong journey to remain active and pain free.

C. Shante Cofield, DPT, CSCS

C. Shante Cofield, DPT, CSCS is a former Division 1 athlete with a passion for movement surpassed only by her passion for learning. Shante graduated from Georgetown University and then continued her educational pursuits at New York University, graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Shante is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) who practices in NYC, with specialties ranging from CrossFit injuries to pelvic floor dysfunction. As a certified Selective Functional Movement (SFMA) provider, Shante utilizes a movement based approach that incorporates manual therapy, corrective exercises, and techniques such as kinesiology taping and IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, Shante is a Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms) and holds a CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate.

Outside of the clinic, Shante is a RockTape instructor and the creator of The Movement Maestro, a website and social media based platform devoted to all things human movement and mobility related. Afirm believer in the mantra of practicing what she preaches, Shante maintains an active lifestyle as a CrossFit athlete and outdoor enthusiast. She has completed two marathons, is an experienced rock climber, and is a proud member of CrossFit 718, serving as their in-house PT and movement specialist.


Seth Oberst, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Seth Oberst, DPT, SCS, CSCS is a residency-trained physical therapist and strength & conditioning coach with a holistic, progressive approach to human movement patterns and their impact on sport and function. Dr. Oberst received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Ohio University and has undergone extensive training through an APTA-credentialed residency culminating in board certification in Sports Physical Therapy. He has presented on motor control topics at national conferences for clinician scientists, provided continuing education for healthcare professionals, and regularly consults with fellow coaches and physiotherapists.

Currently practicing in South Carolina, Seth focuses on performance-based sports medicine with an emphasis on returning individuals to elite-level sport and function. Dr. Oberst uses a movement-based, neuroscience-centric treatment approach combining manual therapy and progressive strength and conditioning techniques. His clients include collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes in both team and individual sports; competitive age-division and Masters athletes as well as powerlifting and CrossFit competitors. He also works as an Injury Prevention and Performance Consultant for several high school sports teams and CrossFit affiliates.


Joseph Lavacca, DPT, OCS

Joseph Lavacca, DPT, OCS is an experienced outpatient orthopedic clinician who graduated from Sacred Heart University with his Bachelor of Exercise Science Degree in 2008, and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. Joe began his career with Sports PT of NY where he was facility manager of their Midtown location for several years. During that time he progressed his knowledge and understanding of SFMA/FMS principles and received his certification in Fascial Movement Taping. Joe is strongly interested in education and injury prevention with a strong passion for teaching. Joe has served as a mentor for many student physical therapists from prestigious academic institutions. Through the national continuing education company, Medical Minds in Motion, Joe frequently travels throughout the country to teach healthcare practitioners about Kinesiology Taping and Movement Assessment Principles for Post-Surgical Populations and Return to Sport with the hopes of rolling out additional courses in the near future. Like his counterparts, Joe prides himself in staying current in the most up-to-date evidence-based research, and has experience in Neurokinetic Therapy, Maitland-Based Manual Treatments, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesiology Taping and movement assessment/performance screening which allows him to give individualized care to each of his patients. Joe is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. In his free time, Joe likes to read, spend time with his family, and participate in interval training. Joe lives with his wife and daughter in Long Island.


Beau Beard, DC, CCSP

Beau Beard, DC, CCSP, attended Logan University where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. Dr. Beard is the founder, owner and clinician at The FARM: Functional Athletic Rehabilitation & Medicine located in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Beard treats athletes of ages and levels, and has worked with many amateur, NCAA, professional and Olympic athletes. In addition his clinical work at The FARM, Dr. Beard currently serves as the team chiropractor for Samford University Athletics as well as head medical staff for Blackburn Golf with a satellite clinic located at Greystone Golf & Country Club.

Dr. Beard puts continuing education above all else, in order to allow him to better serve his patients and athletes with the most up to date knowledge and techniques. Dr. Beard has obtained his Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician certification via the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians, Titlieist Performance Institute Medical Level 3 certification, Kinesio Taping instructor level certification as well a multitude of continuing education seminars and clinics associated with the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialist. Dr. Beard fills his time out of the clinic teaching seminars, working local and national sporting events and competing against his wife, Dr. Sloan Beard, at their local gym.


Aaron Swanson, DPT, CSCS

Aaron Swanson, DPT, CSCS is a physical therapist practicing in New York City. Aaron was first introduced to the world of movement and rehab as a student Athletic Trainer for the University of Tennessee. After completing his degree in Exercise Science, he attended NYU for his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Since graduating, Aaron has worked in private orthopedic clinics that focus on movement restoration through manual therapy, neuro-based exercise, and strength training. He also writes for several movement based websites and lectures locally in NYC. Aaron has a strong interest in enhancing movement patterns and the integration of performance training into the rehab setting.

Twitter: @aswansonpt
youtube: aswansonpt

Pablo Orozco, DC

Pablo Orozco, DC Pablo Orozco is a Doctor of Chiropractic candidate for August 2016. Currently, Pablo is a senior intern at the Human Performance Clinic located in Chesterfield, MO where he treats an array of patients and with Chiropractic and sports medicine care. Pablo also works with athletes of all levels and sports. He has spent time with Mizzou Athletics Division 1 teams, SIUe Athletics Division 1 teams, Lindenwood University teams, and Harris Stowe University teams. Away from school, you can find Pablo coaching at Riverbend CrossFit in Edwardsville, IL or instructing kids fitness sessions at Midwest Twisters in O’Fallon, IL through the Fitness Hero program. Education: Doctor of Chiropractic Candidate – August 2016 B.S. Exercise Science – Southern Illinous Universtiy of Edwardsville Post-Graduate Education: Active Release Technique (ART) Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Functional Movement Screening (FMS) L1 Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR) Motion Palpation Institute Certified Doctor (MPI) McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy -Part A Lumbar Spine Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) L1 & L2 Performance Movement Taping (PMT) L1 Biomedical Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling – (In Progress) Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) – cPT United States Weightlifting (USAW) – Level 1 Performance Coach Crossfit Level 1 Instructor (CF-L1) Functional Movement Taping (FMT) L1/L2 Performance Movement Taping (PMT) L1


Jeremy Shepard, USAW L2, CF L1 Olympic Lifting Consultant

Jeremy began Olympic-style weightlifting in the summer of 2008 after spending a couple years in powerlifting training. In the summer of 2011 he attended a CrossFit Level 1 certification and soon after began implementing CrossFit workouts into his weightlifting program. Rather than hinder his progress, he found that properly scheduled CrossFit training aided his weightlifting and helped his overall physical capacity.

Jeremy currently trains national-level lifters in the sport of weightlifting, but has worked with non-specialists including high-school athletes and CrossFit athletes ranging from the average trainee to a CrossFit Games competitor. He has degrees in Molecular Biology and Applied Mathematics from Auburn University and is a Senior (Level 2) USAW Coach.

Joey Glenn, DC, CSCS, USAW L1SP

Joey Glenn, DC, CSCS, USAW-L1SP, is a practicing sports chiropractor and performance coach. Dr. Glenn uses a thorough movement assessment to capture mobility and motor control limitations and other performance leaks. Dr. Glenn’s unique treatment style utilizes manual therapy, IASTM, chiropractic, and therapeutic exercise to help his athletes recover faster and get back to doing what they love. Dr. Glenn has had incredible opportunities to work with soldiers, veterans, high school, professional, and everyday athletes as both a coach and clinician. He owns and operates Engineered Per4mance in Ankeny, Iowa, an all encompassing human performance facility servicing anyone looking to get back to living with potential.

Delaine Ross Sr SFG Kettlebell Expert/Consultant

Delaine Ross got her Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in September 2006, where she won the form and technique challenge. Soon after, she began working at Iron Core, Inc., a small studio-style kettlebell gym in La Jolla, CA. training clients one-on-one, teaching workshops and teaching group classes. Summer 2007 was Delaine´s first season as a Fitness Competitor and she placed 4th overall in the Fitness America-Southern California show. In 2008, she competed at Fitness Universe and in 2009 came in second in the Southeast´s Fitness America-Dixie Show. Delaine got her RKC Level 2 certification in June of 2008 and in March 2010 was promoted to RK Team Leader by Chief Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline. When Pavel created his own certification, fist, she accepted a Team Leader position and later a Senior Instructor position in his new organization. In 2007 Delaine opened “Condition Kettelbell Gym” in Atlanta GA. After successfully running Condition fulltime, Delaine refocused her attention into coaching trainers on how properly execute and teach kettlebell to their own students ensuring their safety while receiving the maximum benefits from their training sessions.

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